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Attract More high-quality Targeted, Loyal customers 

The IGNITER Marketing System fuses the power of StoryTelling with technology of Professionally Produced Video to influence the buying decisions of your customers.

Story Telling Affects Your Brain in a Specific Way

  • Stories are what make people emotional
  • Emotions are what changes their state of mind
  • Changing their State is how you build trust
  • Trust makes them want to Buy from You

Tell your unique success story with video

Over 80% of consumers say they were influenced by a brand’s video presence before making a purchasing decision 

Learn more about this unique lead generation system designed especially for successful shop owners like you. 
This Igniter Marketing System is for you IF... 
  • You want to attract and engage more quality targeted customers 
  • You are already running a successful shop but want to Level Up​
  • You want to position yourself as a trusted partner in your community 
  • ​You are ready to make the change to DOMINATE your local market

    IGNITER VIDEO is a proven marketing system that allows you to influence the buying decisions of your target audience so you can attract more customers and differentiate yourself from your competition by using video to tell your unique story the way only YOU can tell it... 

      Video has Changed EVERYTHING 
      About How Businesses Need to Market Themselves

      Marketing is all about Story Telling

      Who in your business is the best person at selling what your business does?  No one can tell your story like you can. You know what makes your business unique, how you came to be where you are today, how you interact with your community, and how you focus on the special needs of your specific customer.  But, you can't be everywhere and talk to everyone. You have a business to run.

      Your customers and team members also have a story

      People always want to hear someone else's story about anything they might be considering; A Product, Service, Hotel, Restaurant, Vacation Spot, and especially a Job.   Everyone wants to read a review before they make a decision. Don't you wish you could have every new customer talk to your raving fans?  Wouldn't it be great to have your best team members go out and recruit top talent?

      Leverage video to share your stories 

      Professionally produced recordings of you, your customers, and your team telling your business story are crafted to entice, engage, and inform your audience.  Video tells and shows a perspective.  Video shows what makes you different from all your competition.  And, video is available day and night for anyone searching for you or is interested in what you do.  

      Attract and keep your customers engaged online

      It has been shown that video substantially increases search engine performance simply because people want to interact with brands that engage them with video. And once engaged visitors stay up to 80% longer to absorb your stories.  
      Websites with video attract up to 66% more qualified new customers. 

      Become a trusted partner in your community

      From your stories, your customers gain insight into your background and values and can get to know you. They'll get an inside view into the business so they know what to expect when they arrive and they will already be able to recognize the faces at the front desk.   


      Many business owners suffer from the idea that producing marketing videos is hard, time consuming and really expensive. But nothing could be further from the truth...

      I'm Patrick Egan, a serial entrepreneur, storyteller and, branding fanatic. I've spent over 20 years marketing companies from small startups to Fortune 100 corporations. 

      And during this journey, I've discovered that NOTHING has had a bigger impact when it comes to driving revenue and building a world class brand than Story Driven Video Marketing.
      • Stories are what make people emotional
      • Emotions are what changes their "state" of mind
      • Changing their state is how you get them to Buy
      That's why I've made it my mission to make it as easy and affordable as possible for you to start telling your story with the power of video marketing so you can start growing and scaling your business WITHOUT having to deal with any of the headache & stress creating high quality videos usually produces.

      With the IGNITER System, you bring your stories and the talent, and we bring the crew and equipment. You do what you do best, and leave the video marketing to us.

      The Result

      You get the video assets to last you a lifetime and for you to use each year to attract more customers, more leads, and build a brand your competitors won't be able to compete against! 

      What's The Process ?

      Schedule Your Shoot
      Our nationwide team of video pros come to you to spend a half day to record why you are the best at what you do, why your customers love you, and why your team members wouldn't work anywhere else. 
      Your Day in Video
      At your location, we record you and your team at work so we can tell your full story. We also record what it looks like in, around, and over with our video drone.  And, we hear from your happy customers too. 
      Back at the Lab
      Our professional video editors put together the best moments from your session to produce the finest quality marketing videos. And we rely on your editing guidance to make sure we got it just right.
      What's in the Box?
      With your videos hosted on our video platform, you'll have lightning fast response, a customizable player, call to action buttons, and analytics showing who's watching, when, and how long. 

      What's Included in The

      IGNITER Video Marketing System?

      Local video production teams charge up to $10,000 to shoot and deliver One 60-second video

      • Our nationwide team comes to spend a half day at your location to capture your full story ( Valued at $2,500 )
      • Your About my Business brand expert video story ( Valued at $997 )
      • ​Live action 5-Star Customer Testimonial video ( Valued at $997 )   
      • ​​​Live action 5-Star Customer Testimonial video ( Valued at $997 )  
      • Professional editing of all three videos plus 2X edits each ( Valued at $2,700 )
      • SPARK project manager throughout project helping you implement our proven system ( Valued at $1,900 )
      • ​12-months hosting on the SPARK video hosting server for up to 100 total videos. (Valued at $1,164 annually) 
      • ​Plus access to members only sample content, editing apps, and video secrets. (Valued at $1,700 annually )
      • BONUS: Drone flyover on shoot day - (Normally we charge $300 )

      And best of all... you'll start seeing results with "The IGNITER Video System" in less than 30 days

      Picture your business story being told like some of these...

      Branding Video - Tell your Brand's Story

      Live 5-Star Reviews - Customer Testimonial

      Come Join our Team - Recruiting 

      Appointment Setting - What to Expect

      So, if you're a business owner who wants to become a trusted partner in your community and leader in your industry the IGNITER Video System can put you in control of how you influence your market.

      Are you ready to start attracting the customers that are right for your business? 

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      "Having professional videos made for our shop has done wonders for our image, our brand and the personality of our business. When opportunities like this come around it should be a no-brainer to make the investment, take the time and do it right to get your story out in a professional way."
      Greg Buckley - President, Buckley's AutoCare
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